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We will take the time to get to know you, your circumstances and your case. Courts want to make sure they impose the right penalty. We understand that people end up in Court for a number of reasons including:

  • their personal circumstances;
  • a relationship breakdown;
  • loss of job;
  • alcohol or drugs;
  • a rough time; or
  • bad decision making

If necessary we can organise for you to see appropriate doctors, counsellors or psychologists who can prepare references or reports for you that can be shown to the Court. We can also arrange for you to complete courses in road safety, safe consumption of alcohol and road trauma awareness. We will help you show the Court that you are taking your matter seriously.

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These preparations can mean the difference between going to jail and not going to jail.

We use several independent and carefully selected barristers to represent you. Barristers are members of the Victorian Bar who are skilled at presenting cases to the Court. We take care of all the paperwork while the Barristers focus specifically on preparing your case for Court. We are experts in traffic law including drink driving and driving while suspended or disqualified. The court verdict could seriously impact your life so we take the time needed to give you the best possible result.

We do not take any shortcuts during our preparation or on the day of your Court hearing. 

We understand that going to Court is stressful and we aim to minimise your stress by delivering a thoroughly prepared case. It is the job of your barrister to speak for you in Court, tell the Court your side of the story and answer any questions the Magistrate might raise.

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William Archer can arrange to adjourn your case to make sure it is properly prepared. It is never too late to call us.

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