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Unpaid Fines?

We understand that having to deal with the Sheriff over unpaid fines is a very stressful process.  We regularly deal with people who have over $60,000.00 in unpaid fines – sometimes over $150,000.00!  We can help.  And the bigger the debt, the more we can help you.

In almost all cases, it is the enforcement costs imposed by Civic Compliance and the Sheriff’s Office that make up the bulk the debt.  Whether it is the Sheriff contacting you, or you calling the Sheriff because you can’t deal with the stress anymore, we are experts at dealing with these cases in Court.

We can save you a lot of money.  Some recent case examples include:

"Trevor had $42,000.00 in unpaid fines.  Most of the fines were for travelling on Citylink, but he also had parking fines and speeding fines.  We explained Trevor’s financial situation to the court, including his partner’s health struggles.  The court cleared the debt.  Trevor walked out of court with nothing more to pay.

Colin had $55,800 in unpaid Citylink fines.  They had built up over a few years.  When they started coming in, the fines were arriving up to a dozen at a time.  Colin couldn’t keep up and the costs spiralled.  We explained to the Court that Colin’s Citylink account was now in credit and had been valid when he was being fined.  All Colin’s fines were discharged. 

Mark came to us with $150,000.00 in fines.  Just under half the fines were from Citylink. The rest were speeding fines and parking tickets.  We were able to have the fines reduced by two thirds down to $50,000.00.  The Court agreed to instalment payments of $300 per month.

Mohammad had $16,000.00 in fines.  Four of them were for speeding, 6 were parking fines and the rest were Citylink fines.  Mohammed believed that his employer (a taxi company) were paying the tolls.  The Court agreed to accept $3,720.00 as full and final payment for the outstanding fines.  The rest of the fines were discharged."

No matter how bad you think your situation is, we will be able to assist you to get it down to something manageable.  Call us now.

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