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Most people we represent get fines. That includes people who have been caught drink driving, careless driving while your licence is suspended or disqualified. In some cases we can avoid a criminal record altogether or get you a good behavior bond. If you have been told you are going to jail by another lawyer, please call us. Our clients rarely, if ever, go to jail. 

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After speaking to you about the circumstances of your case and finding out if you have ever been to Court before, we can give a reasonably accurate estimate of what penalty you will get. Our estimates are based on us preparing your case and appearing for you at Court. We cannot say what sentence another lawyer would get you because we do not know what preparation they do.

The Court has to consider the seriousness of the offence, your character and personality before it gives a sentence. Most criminal and driving offences have very tough maximum penalties which include jail. However, the Court very rarely gives the maximum penalty where your case has been properly prepared. 

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The day in Court

If you have us appearing for you at Court, you will not have to say a word. You just need to attend with the barrister and sit in the public gallery while he runs your case.

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